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What does 'survival of the fittest' really mean?
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About Mephisto:

Mephisto Subliminal, Inc. is the premier developer and distributor of subliminal and life enhancement products. We are recognized as the industry leader in research and development of subliminal stimuli and all of our items are fully tested before coming to market. We started making subliminal audio cassettes in 1983 and have steadily expanded on our market base ever since then. To date we offer subliminal stimuli for every need imaginable, from attracting members of the opposite sex, to improving your golf game, to stopping smoking and to improving your job performance. Whatever your need, we have a product to help you. We even customize our programs for you. We have 17 standard musical selections as well as over 350 original artist musical selections... and that's only the beginning. We employ all the current technologies to include audio cassettes, CD's, VHS video, DVD video, as well as PC screensavers!

To put it simply, whatever you need to enhance your life, in whatever format you desire, we have a product for you and your satisfaction is GUARANTEED. With over 20 years of experience behind us, you can't go wrong with a Mephisto product!

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What does 'survival of the fittest' really mean?

It means you compete for everything: it's a universal law! And You compete, most of all for a mate. To compete you have to know what arouses men, what motivates men and what evolutionary program leads men to choose a specific type of woman for sex and a permanent mate.

Scientists now know that arousal starts in a man's brain. His choice of a specific type of woman is programmed into his brain. There is no thinking required to chose a mate- it's instinctual.

Nature, through millions of years of evolution has created an instinct that all males obey. Natures design is such that males are programed to choose the healthiest woman. That is the motivator to all sexual attraction. In the primitive area of his brain, his  first concern is your genetic contribution to his infant. This may not seem very romantic, but nature is not romantic, it's practical.

Reproduction and the survival of the species is nature's sole concern. Romance is a human invention; it's like icing on a cake. Until the basics are there, there is no place to put it on. Only in this century has science and technology made it possible to reprogram man's natural instinct.

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Subliminal Seduction:

Subliminal motivation is a 20th century technology that feeds directly into the subconscious mind and influences decisions such as choosing a mate. The power of subliminal messages to program his subconscious with positive information about you as his perfect mate is now here!

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Fact: Men Have Two Minds:

The conscious mind is the one we are aware of in our every day life. The subconscious mind is the one we are unaware of, yet it is at the very base of controlling our life!

The subconscious mind never sleeps. It is capable of absorbing millions of details in the blink of your eye. The subconscious is like an automatic pilot: given a destination and information it leads you to that destination!

The ancients had inkling on how to program the mind and motivate people by "whispering." But it was not until this century that the technology existed to take advantage of the most powerful tool to influence people: SUBLIMINAL MOTIVATION.

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What Are Subliminal Messages?

Visual subliminals are images flashed so fast that the conscious mind does not recognize them, they are left to our subconscious mind to analize. Often these messages are hidden.

MEPHISTO'S Subliminal messages are mechanical sound waves that enter the men's ears undetected, because a louder sound (the music) hides them! It is the content of His subconscious mind's that is the source of His thoughts! That means that the MEPHISTO SUBLIMINAL gives You the incredible power to put romantic thoughts about you in his mind!

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While it was a colleague of Freud, Dr Poetzl, who discovered the amazing power of subliminals in 1917, it was not until the 1950s that a public demonstration took place in a movie theater. The words: "Eat pop corn" were flashed during a movie, causing the popcorn sales to rise dramatically. Verbal messages hidden under the music in public address systems such as "if you steal, you will go to jail" have stopped shop-lifting by 66% in those stores that played them.

The movie and the recording industries spend millions hiding subliminal images and messages to enhance the effect of their products on you. A notable example is the song 'Stairway to Heaven' by Led Zeplin or movies like 'JADE'; and of course the scary SUBLIMINALS hidden in the "EXORCIST!"

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Company History:

MEPHISTO is the first subliminal product in the world Designed to ROMANTICALLY influence others. In the past 21 years it has been acclaimed around the world for its power to Romantically INFLUENCE THE OPPOSITE SEX! By manipulating a Man's mating instinct the subliminal messages use the laws of nature to focus his attention on you as HIS "PERFECT MATE!"

We now offer over 100 Subliminal Scripts to choose from as well as our Custom Script service. All of these messages are conveniently hidden under the music of your choice!

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