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About Pheromones

Nature's Sexual Stimulant
Pheromones are nature's own sexual stimulant. They are released by your body through the swet glands and their only purpose is to attract males. When you shower, you wash off the pheromones that you naturally produce, and when you use a deodorant with a chemical designed to close the pores under your arms, you have made yourself Sexually Invisible!

Mephisto has created Unique Perfumes that contain HIGH Levels of Real Female "Sex" Pheromones!
The MEPHISTO female pheromone colognes contain high levels of female sex pheromones that replace your own naturally produced pheromones that you have washed off or blocked with deodorants. Remember, Men Need to smell Female Pheromones to be Sexually Stimulated Properly.


Fortune Magazine in their "Technology" column reported that a "Sixth Sense" had been discovered in humans, an organ in the nose called the "Vomeronasal" that has only one purpose: to detect sex pheromones and transmit a signal to the brain THAT SEXUALLY AROUSES MEN AND FOCUSES THEIR PASSION ON THE WOMAN UPON WHOM THEY SMELL THE FEMALE SEX PHEROMONE!
MEPHISTO has created a perfume we call ADVANTAGE, because it gives you an advantage over other women. Our formula is so unique we have coined a new word: "PHEROFUMES" to describe a perfume that has an exquisite aroma infused with the powerful female sex pheromones and a botanical essences that scientist have tested on men and found that it has an extraordinary effect by increasing the penile blood flow by an amazing 40%.
At this point in the development of this product we feel compelled to warn you: BEWARE. Do not use These PHEROMFUMES unless you seriously intend to arouse this man.

The female sex pheromone is created in your body and is vented into the air with your sweat! Nature designed the female aroma as a male sex stimulant to be broadcast into the air like an aura surrounding your body. The principal way it would be wafted into the air is from under arm hair. By shaving under your arms you have removed nature's instrument to announce female availability. When you shower you wash off the pheromones and when you use a deodorant with a chemical designed to close the pores under your arms' you have made yourself... SEXUALLY INVISIBLE!

Scientists now know that both the female and the male sex pheromones are instrumental in the BONDING PROCESS and that without the detectable aroma of these PHEROMONES, BONDING WILL NOT OCCUR and without bonding commitment is impossible! The production of FEMALE PHEROMONES peaks in your teens and steadily declines with age. The younger you are the stronger your scent and the more he's aroused.
Applied, Our products give off A STRONGER PHEROMONAL SCENT THAN CAN BE ACHIEVED NATURALLY BY ANY WOMAN, AND CREATE A YOUNGER IMAGE OF YOU! OF COURSE IT'S UNFAIR TO OTHER WOMEN AND THAT'S WHY WE CALL IT: ADVANTAGE (tm) ! And it is the first trigger to sexual arousal and millions of years ago that was the only stimulant necessary for men. It is egotistical to think we are different from animals.
The fact that we are civilized does not exempt us from the power of Evolution. To put it bluntly: when a female dog is in heat. It is her PHEROMONAL SCENT that draws every male dog in the neighborhood to her. That is true of all mammals including human mammals. Even with humans, sexual choice was simple before civilization. Pre-civilization, sexual activity was a NON-THINKING PROCESS. Even so, it is still an UNCONSCIOUS PROCESS.
Men evaluate a mass of information in their subconscious mind before they are ready to bond with only one woman.1) ADVANTAGE PERFUMES ARE SATURATED WITH POWERFUL, IRRESISTIBLE, AUTHENTIC HUMAN FEMALE PHEROMONES! Applying any one of the exquisite fragrances listed below guarantees you have replaced the PHEROMONES lost in your bath and have put on a MORE POWERFUL SCENT than any Woman could naturally Achieve.

On The Most Primitive Level He Is Programmed To Respond Sexually To The Scent Of The Female Sex Pheromone And To Eagerly Want Sex With The Woman Upon Whom He Detects This Scent. Nature Intended No Delay In The Sexual Act, Because Long Courtships Would Not Only Be Absurd And Dangerous In The Wild, But Also Ultimately Reduce The Species.
As Civilized Human Beings, We Have Interfered With The Instant Sex That We Still Want On A Primitive Level. But The Machinery To Activate This Instant Desire Still Surges Through His Body, Even To Affecting Changes In His Genitals.
The Female Sex Pheromone Is The Logical Starting Point To Seduce A Man, And Without Female Sex Pheromones You Have An Un-Balanced Situation Like An Airplane With No Wing On The Right Side. Without This Basic Sexual Stimulation You Are At a Severe Disadvantage.
The Recent Ability Of Chemists To Manufacture These Natural Hormones Now Puts The Power In Your Hands To Sexually Arouse Him And To Establish Yourself As His Seductive Female.
Just Over A Century Ago Charles Darwin Introduced A Theory That Shocked The World: Evolution. People Were Outraged To Learn That We Humans, While A Different Species, Were Closely Related To Animals.
In Fact We Now Know Through The Science Of DNA That, Genetically, Chimpanzees And Humans Are Nearly Identical, There Being A Mere "One Percent Difference" That Separates Us. Civilization Has Concealed That Small Difference From Our Conscious Mind, But Not From Our Subconscious Mind.
We Still React To The Same Physical Stimulus As Animals Do! And That Was Recently Confirmed. Fortune Magazine In Their Column "Technology" Reported That A "Sixth Sense" Had Been Discovered In Humans: An Organ In The Nose That Has Only One Purpose: The Detection Of Odorless Sex Pheromones.
It May Be Distasteful To Watch Animals Sniff Each Other, But We Now Know That We Humans Are Affected In The Same Way By Sexual Scents Given Off By Each Other. The Discovery That Our Animal Ancestry Stills Functions Has Sparked A Massive Investigation Of How Humans React To Scents.
This Discovery Has Prompted Commercial Use. It Was Found That A Certain Scent Diffused In A Gambling Casino Created An Increase Of 20% In The Amount Gambled. Other Studies Have Demonstrated That Scents Can Be Successfully Used To Diet. Soon Stores Will Release Scents To Boost Sales.
But Nature's Most Urgent Concern Is Reproduction. And All Living Things Have Built In Programs (DNA- Hard Wired) That Promote Reproduction. The Most Potent Physical Stimulus To Activate Sexual Reproduction Is "The Sex Scent!"
It Is So Potent A Sexual Stimulant That Female Boars Smelling It On A Male Boar Immediately Put Themselves In A Mating Posture In Preparation To Be Mounted By The Male! When Men Detect The Female Sex Pheromone On A Woman, They Are Sexually Attracted To That Woman. And instantly, "Sex" Becomes His Only Priority. His Auto-Nomic System Becomes Engaged And He Automatically Experiences Physical Changes In His Genitals: He instantly becomes aroused, and his Penis will become erect!
It Is Ironic That Women, In Their Great Desire To Sexually Attract Men, Are Responsible For Washing Off The Hormonal Scent Nature Designed Specifically To Sexually Arouse Men. The Release Into The Air Of The Female Sex Pheromone Occurs In Sweat, And In Our Zeal To Make Our Self More Attractive To Men We Unwittingly Remove Our Own Female Sex Pheromones.
When You Shower Or Bathe, The Soap And Water Remove The Sexual Scent. And, Applying "Regular Deodorants" Blocks Perspiration, And Prevents Your Release Of The Sex Pheromones. By Bathing You Are Guilty Of Eliminating The Trigger To A Man's Desire, Making Yourself Sexually Invisible And You Wonder:

"Why Doesn't He Want Sex As Much As I Do?" "Properly Stimulated, He Does Want Sex As Much As You! Exposed To The "Primal Concentrate" He Becomes A Sexual Glutton!

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The Seductive Female Perfumes

What the French Have Known For Centuries
The French have always known that if you bathe too often, you loose orgasms. The MEPHISTO female pheromone colognes contain high levels of female sex pheromones that replace your own naturally produced pheromones that you have washed off or blocked with deodorants.

You have the choice of these world famous perfumes to be infused with our pheromone blend:

· Joy · Channel # 5 · Jovan Musk (FEMALE) · Aspen (female) · Escape · China Musk · Jump · 5th Ave. · Beverly Hills · DEVIN · White Diamonds · Fendi (FEMALE) · Giorgio · Perry Ellis (FEMALE) · Red Door · Wings · Channel # 19 · Latin Love · St. John · Cool Water · Clean Musk · Poison · Phaon Fem · Sex on the Beach · Brian (FEMALE) · Passion · Opium (FEMALE) · Passion Sport · 360 degrees · Calvin Klein (FEMALE) · Caribbean Cool · Cashmere · Chemistry · Egyptian Musk · Escape · Gucci · Tortalini Sport · Realm (FEMALE) · Tuscany · Body & Soul ·

Design Your Sex Life!
Nature's Aroma Makes Him Beg For Your LOVE It's A Law Of Nature He won't Ignore! OUR FEMALE PHEROMONE PERFUMES Are So Strong Many Men Have Spontaneous Erections When Exposed to them. They Think It's Their Desire For You. The Scent of Female Pheromones BREAKS THE Sexual Barrier and Transports Men To A Primitive Sexual Level.

$19.95   3 month supply

$49.95  LARGE Spray (18 Mo Supply)
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Other Pheromone Products

New and Conveniant
Mephisto has developed new ways to use pheromones for your conveniance. These can be used in combination with our perfumes or on their own.

Roll-on Deodorant (6 month supply)
Hair spray (puts the scent near his nose)
Roll-on Deodorant (6 month supply)
Sun Tan Lotion (sex stimulant from head to toe)
Sex Pheromones Incense & Candles
40 Pheromones incense sticks
30 Pheromones incense cones
6 Mini Sex Pheromones Candles

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Cupid's Spark

An Orgy in a Bottle
Combined (for the first time) both MALE and FEMALE sex pheromones PLUS A BOTANICAL EXTRACT THAT INCREASES BLOOD FLOW TO HIS PENIS creating a SEXUAL FRENZY in HIM, and an intense erotic RESPONSE in yourself  that will THRILL HIM!

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The Pillow Spray

Just Before Bed Time
Simply spray a fine mist on his pillow just before bedtime. Within seconds of his head hitting the pillow this special formula containing both male and female sex pheromones along with six famous botanical sexual stimulants goes to work sexually arousing him by increasing blood flow to his penis making him erect and aroused. One thing's for sure, he won't say he's tired tonight. Can also be used on first dates, simply spray on the headrest in your car before he gets in, you won't get a few blocks before he's turned on and getting aroused by you!

$49.95  Spray Bottle
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The Primal Concentrate

He will become a Sexual Glutton
MEPHISTO invented the Primal Concentrate to give you the power to attract men more than other women. As lab test proved: our Primal is 80 times stronger than our regular perfume, but it is 90 times stronger than Realm and more than a 100 times stronger than Score or Bang. This means you will not meet a rival who has a stronger scent and remember, the strongest scent is the basis for his choice!

The Primal Concentrate is so strong many men have Spontaneous Erections when exposed to it. They Think It's Their Desire For You! We now know that the scent of Female Pheromones BREAKS the Sexual Barrier that transports men to a "Primitive Sexual Level."

"Nature's Sexual Trigger is the Primal Concentrate:"

This vial of highly concentrated pheromones permits you to use it as is, or add it to your favorite perfume.

It is both: A male Sexual Stimulant
A Female Repellent.

1) As a sex stimulant, this powerful concentrate allows you to use it in a vast variety of ways. It can be used on yourself as an intense sexual stimulant for men. You can put it in your favorite perfumes, or apply it directly onto your body: nothing can hide it or stop it from penetrating his nose and senses! You can put it on his clothes, his pillow, on sex toys (leather etc.) or in your car!

2) As studies have demonstrated the Primal Concentrate gives you the extraordinary power to MARK YOUR MAN with a HANDS OFF SIGNAL signal that other women honor unconsciously. When you wear the PRIMAL, no other woman could naturally equal the strength of pheromones detected on you. And this concentrate of female sex pheromones on his person or his clothes acts as a chastity belt, because as numerous scientific studies have shown, women are repulsed by aman upon whom they detect the presence of the female pheromone. This is the most potent force in preserving fidelity ever conceived. Bear in mind that INFIDELITY, and a PREFERENCE for a STRANGER is programmed into a man's DNA. The Primal Concentrate gives you the opportunity to short circuit his natural impulse to stray.


$149.00  SAVE on an order of TWO

Scientists know humans can detect a substance in concentrations as SMALL as one part per trillion. Our PRIMAL CONCENTRATE is 200,000 times stronger! THE "PRIMAL" IS 80 TIMES STRONGER THAN our REGULAR COLOGNE!

This is a new, revolutionary concept:
-Aroma Chastity Belt.

The recent discovery that the scent of the female sex pheromones sexually arouse men has led to an even more astonishing discovery. When women detect the scent of female sex pheromones on a man, they ignore that man and show no sexual interest in him. This extraordinary circumstance became clear when scientists realized that humans, like animals, are also affected by scents. The explanation was simple when viewed in that light. All mammals are affected by sexual scents, including humans.

How to Use Primal Concentrate:

The Primal Concentrate is designed to give you the opportunity to customize its use. It is the most extraordinary concentration of male sex pheromones ever made available to the public. Each bottle equals the power of 80 bottles of our regular cologne. You can use it in your own favorite perfume, or simply dab a few drops on your body where it will linger potently until you wash it off. In this manner it becomes the most intense sexual stimulant ever devised, FAR EXCEEDING the natural amount excreted by any woman.

You can also use the Primal to place a zone of permanent arousal i.e.; on your mates pillow, or mattress etc. Because, as mentioned above, research has shown that the scent of female sex pheromones repels women, you can use it as an AROMA CHASTITY BELT! By putting a few drops in your mate's perfume, or dabbing it on his clothes, he will AROMATICALLY REPEL WOMEN who will disregard him as a sexual object believing on a subconscious level that he is not available and belongs to another man: YOU! This product is the FIRST AND ONLY of its kind and is available only through this literature you hold in your hand, giving you an exclusive opportunity that is unique.

Another apt use of the PRIMAL is the ability to apply it to SEX TOYS and paraphernalia such as leather; he will subconsciously connect her arousal to the object. Only your imagination (and stamina) limits your use.

The most powerful sex stimulant ever devised
It is the most economical, because its concentrated power equals 80 bottles of our other pheromone perfume!


$149.00  SAVE on an order of TWO
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Scientific Proof

In An Experiment To Determine How A Man's Attitude Is Affected By The Female Sex Pheromone, Researchers Presented A Group Of Men With A Dozen Photos Of Women In Which Only One Photo Was Sprayed With The Female Pheromone. The Men All Chose The Photo Sprayed Pheromones As The Woman They Found To Be The Most Attractive And Sexy.
In Later Tests The Scientists Sprayed Several Different Photos And The Men Always Picked Out The Sprayed Photo As The Woman They Found The Most Appealing.
The Scientists Concluded That men, As With Other Species, Also Relied On The Scent Of Female Sex Pheromones To Choose A Sexual Mate! This Process Is So Old That We Share That DNA Program With Animals, And Even Insects! That we share this reaction with insects indicates it's a BILLION YEARS OLD! So Pheromones Are Not A Passing Fad; But A Basic Law Of Nature!
A Study Was Designed To Test The Power Of The Female Sex Pheromones To Influence men When No Women Were Present. Individual men Were Brought Into A Waiting Room In Which There Were A Line Of Chairs And Told To Take A Seat. Only One Chair Was Sprayed With The Female Sex Pheromone. Ninety Percent Of The Men Chose That One "Sprayed" Chair To Sit On.
The Scientists Concluded This Was Conclusive Proof Of The Power Of This Hormone To Affect Men, when no Women were present. What Is Perhaps More Astonishing, They Brought Women Into The Same Room And Directed Them To Sit; The Women Avoided The Sprayed Chair! The Female pheromone Had the OPPOSITE EFFECT on Women; THE SCENT REPELLED WOMEN!
Another study verified the female distaste for female sex pheromones. Women assigned to evaluate male job applicants were presented with applications some of which had been sprayed with the female sex pheromone.
The women reacted unfavorably to the sprayed job applications and rejected highly qualified women because they reacted negatively to another woman's scent. The conclusion: like all female animals, human females react to another woman's scent and avoid her territory.
A neurophysiologist has devised an electrical instrument to measure the response of the "VNO ORGAN" to various substances. When "neutral" SUBSTANCES were introduced into the nose of the subject, no reaction took place, but when a pheromone was released into the nose, the needle tracing the effect on a graph nearly rose off the paper. Since pheromones are odorless, this demonstrates sexual scents affect human behavior on a subconscious level.

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